Xiamen Greenday Import & Export Co. Ltd

Green Day manufactures and supplies environmentally responsible Compostable and Biodegradable disposable food service products. Ourproduct lines are designed to provide the excellent in quality and performance while still being an affordable alternative with competitive price.

Green Day compostable product lines are made from renewable and sustainable resources that do not affect the commodity price ofnor take away from the availability of food sources. These products are independantly third party certified as compostable and meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Standards.

Green Day is a member ofthe Biodegradable Material Group (BMG) of China. GREEN EARTH is our mission. We offer our green products to customer all over the world.

Sustainable development is important intoday's society. Taking care of our environment through changing the way that we do things. Limiting our waste, reusing instead of disposing, recycling and composting is becoming an essential value in our personal and professional lives.

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